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Current Projects

AAGS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM | Winter 2019 - Current
Through the Association of Anthropology Graduate Students, I mentor Anthropology undergraduate students in ethnographic methods, ethical research procedures, preparation for graduate school, as well as how to craft individual research and professional projects. My mentees receive hands-on training in applying methods that fit their individual interests, including but not limited to: participant observation, digital archival research, semi-structured interviews, transcription, data collection, and data analysis.
Current mentees (AY 2019-2020): Tiara Sharpes and Alice Yeager, University of Oregon
A multi-site analysis of local, regional, and national pageant practices in Manila and Bulacan. Further work will include Tagalog language immersion, archival research, and interviews with pageant delegates. This project serves as my preliminary dissertation research and is funded by the University of Oregon's Department of Anthropology, The Graduate School, and The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.
Research Assistant: Karlz Amorio, Our Lady of Fatima University 

URSULA K. LE GUIN BOOK CHAPTER | June 2019 (ongoing)

I am currently working on co-authoring a book chapter with Dr. Philip W. Scher. This collaborative project focuses on the life of the late Ursula K. Le Guin in relation to ethnographic inquiry.

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